A3M Case Study


Having connected on LinkedIn, we had an initial meeting with our client to find out what their plans were.  It transpired that our client had recently bought the company and had big plans to take it from what had essentially been a lifestyle business into a significant player in the print, signage and exhibitions sector.  


Initial investigations determined that whilst the company had a robust roster of clients, the lack of previous marketing activity meant that name awareness outside of the client lists was minimal, even within the locale of the main business site. What name awareness there was, was generally based on lower-value products and not the more lucrative, exhibition-based product sets that were to be the focus of the expansion plans.

One particular issue the company had was that by aligning itself to a limited number of specific sectors (including Leisure and Tourism), they were very much seasonally dependent with an erratic cash flow to match.      


We set about getting under the skin of the business via interviews with each team member; getting feedback from the front line delivery operation. We gleaned as much information as possible about how the business had gotten to this point; what the historical product set had been; general feedback received etc.    


Once we started prospecting, delivering the key messages and respositioning the offering, quotes began to increase. By creating an expansive spread of prospects across a number of sectors including the lucrative retail market (which would spread out cash-flow) name awareness spread, and business begin to increase. This work culminated in a  number in a number of key account wins including a first foray into the large exhibition stand creation which set the tone and process to take forwards.

With a view to building our reputation within the large event industry we pitched for the longest running show in the events calendar and after creating the full pitch document and presentation and following 2 rounds of discussion, were successful in landing the show which has opened doors into largescale events across the country. We are now in the process of pitching to run our first show.

To date - despite the effects of COVID19 – we have generated in excess of £315,000 in contracted income within the first year of operation.

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