Pointer Group Case Study


Off the back of our excellent work and results – and database of contacts generated – on the Sani-Station brand, Brilliant Blu created/opened up a whole new business stream. The manufacture and sale of period product dispensers based on the existing Sani-Station facemask dispenser. When BB took this to the Pointer Group Board, we were asked to come up with a strategy, work with the design team and to take this product to market.

This strategy initially centred around identifying the key players in the period product market with a view to engaging with decision makers and establishing a comprehensive reseller network that would tap into their existing contact bases, as well as take the product to the broadest range of markets. Within this stage of the campaign, we were asked to make specific/tailored products bespoke to individual providers.

Once again utilising our existing contact base within Hubspot (CRM) we set about broadening our approach to encompass all manner of companies ranging from NHS to Facilities Management companies, Professional Services to Manufacturing, Transport to Government departments, all in support of the campaign to end period poverty and ensure period dignity.

Ultimately, we put in place distributor arrangements with ALL of the major providers and are continuing to roll out the dispensers across the market – alongside the legislation which is gradually moving towards making it mandatory to provide these products for all who need them.


ROI. Investment; £22k.

ROI. Circa £400k in sales/£380k profit. All without needing to be on any of the frameworks.

To date - despite the effects of COVID19 – we have generated in excess of £315,000 in contracted income within the first year of operation.

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