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Your website is your online ‘shop window’ but it should also be your busiest and most effective sales rep! Don’t just attract visits from your ideal client, engage and convert them to subscribers with pop ups and forms. Help them find answers to their challenges with insightful blogs and valuable content, and chat to visitors directly with HubSpot’s free chat bot tool.

Regardless of which industry you work in, or your company size, you need to engage with your leads, prospects and customers with content that is relevant and useful to them. 

Here at Brilliant Blu, we create engaging content that help will help your company achieve its business goals. We can plan and execute every part of a content marketing program, including strategy, concept development and implementation.

If you offer customers quality content, the most information, and have positive interactions, you’re the company most likely to come out on top.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a popular form of marketing that relies on pulling new customers in, rather than pushing your services and products at them.

The inbound marketing methodology says that you can grow your business quicker, and better, by educating, informing, and delighting prospects and leads with informational content and helpful service. Quality content attracts people to your website and keeps them coming back to learn more until they’re ready to purchase with you.

Inbound marketing is a big concept, with many facets and tactics that make it useful and relevant to companies in the digital era. But, it’s also a big shift from what most companies are used to, which makes it difficult for many businesses to implement on their own.

That’s where Brilliant Blu comes in.

We create engaging and informative content We will bring more customers to your website We will convey you as leading thought leaders in your industry

Our content & INBOUND MARKETING includes

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing engaging and informative content that helps your company achieve its business goals. We can deliver every part of a content marketing program, including strategy, concept development, implementations and execution

At Brilliant Blu, we pride ourselves on producing quality content in all formats. We can create news or blog articles, videos and infographics to engage your audience

We develop content in a way that factors key search terms and help improve on-page SEO

Nuturing your potential customers through the sales funnel with the best content provided at the right to shorten the sales cycle and close more business.

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