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Data protection and gdpr

In association with our data protection partners, Online DPO, we can advise, educate, and train you and your team on GDPR and other data protection compliance requirements.

Our Express Privacy Assessment is an automated online data privacy assessment that quickly and cost effectively gives you oversight of your current data protection position and maturity.

Developed by Online DPO’s practicing privacy professionals and certified experts to meet globally recognised benchmarks, it assesses your current data management processes across key departments.

The EPA includes a report that identifies areas of risk and potential improvement and a follow up call with a data protection expert to review your report and identify the next steps and actions needed to move you closer to compliance.

The process takes as little as seven days and costs just £3,000 so it is excellent value for money. 

Make your compliance bulletproof

With the EPA you can quickly and easily:

Determine the current maturity level of your Data Protection Programme (DPP)

Identify any priorities, weaknesses, or risks

Have peace of mind that you can demonstrate compliance

Achieve rapid results without lengthy engagements or the expense that goes with it!

Produce a well-structured report upon request evidencing compliance

Review and renew your DPP annually

With over £1 billion issued to date in GDPR and data protection fines, the EPA is a cost-effective way to avoid the financial penalties and damage to your company reputation that a fine brings.

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