Oakway Storage Case Study


Off the back of the huge success of our Sani-Station campaign, our client asked us to undertake lead generation for another of the Group’s brands, supplying Warehouse Storage. Our client had identified the need for the service we supplied and was keen to take this to the marketplace.
The product offering was a bespoke design and project implementation for storage areas/warehouses across the country.

After an initial two-week test to assess the brand and its offering, during which we delivered an initial £35k project, we assessed the value of the offering, developed a feel for the market and an idea of the process that would be necessary to deliver to the target set.

We began by ensuring that all relevant historical data was uploaded to a new Hubspot account. We then set up a process aimed at populating the database with the specific data on all the relevant target market/sectors identified.

We then worked with the team to construct and create a sequence of e-mailings to warm up the data to our offering and to begin to generate name awareness amongst the key individuals (by identified job title, company size, no. employees and business type) within the markets identified.

A comprehensive campaign of follow up (to the email) calling to those that engaged, as well as cold calling to those who didn’t/other relevant prospects was then undertaken with a view to conversing directly with the targeted – decision making – individuals, and discussing their short, medium and long-term goals for the expansion of their business and their facilities.

The aim of both elements of the campaign was to generate name awareness; raise the understanding of exactly who the company are and what they offer; establish them as a viable partner for this development work; begin building the relationships vital to the progression of the campaign and ultimately to identify urgent projects and book appointments for our client on sites across the UK.


ROI. Investment; £33k.

The campaign delivered spectacularly over budget with just under £3million of specifically targeted leads supplied to the field sales team, and a net profit of circa £400k generated on projects won.

Actual project profit: £367k.

To date - despite the effects of COVID19 – we have generated in excess of £315,000 in contracted income within the first year of operation.

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